Shipping and Delivery

Shipping Charges, Inspection Charges, Taxes, Duties & Levies shall not be refunded in any case.

Once the customer places the order, we shall contact the customer to confirm the order. Once the customer confirms the order, we shall go ahead and place the order immediately. After the confirmation, the customer cannot cancel the order in principle. The customer can still reach us if he wants to cancel the order after confirmation. It shall be the right of Protomont Technologies to accept the refusal of the order. Protomont Technologies reserves the right to refund of payment of such order(s) after deduction of expenses on account of the customer. All decisions by Protomont Technologies shall be final and binding on the customer. If the order has been processed and ready for delivery, in such a case, the return of products shall be denied by Protomont Technologies unless the product is sold to another fulfilling customer. No return/refund or cancellation of order shall be accepted on grounds of delay due to customs clearance, manufacturer’s delay in production, shipment delays, force majeure, and/or delay due to Act of God and/or delays not envisaged by Protomont Technologies. Shipping & delivery of purchased products may take a minimum of 7-10 business days, depending upon the delivery location.

Protomont Technologies also lists various designs in its design store. When customer places an order for a particular design; Protomont Technologies prints the design and ships the printed product to customer. No refund/return/cancellation of such order shall be accepted. However, to facilitate the customer Protomont Technologies reserves the right to display the design / models printed on its web- store or stores. Customers shall be refunded payment of such products only upon successful sales of the products after deduction of expenses and charges as levied by taxation, shipping and handling and maintenance, store expenses, and/or other Expenses.

For pre-listed products, Protomont Technologies team shall start processing the order once it receives the notification. Protomont Technologies team would not call the customer for confirmation of order unlike for products mentioned above. Depending on the order queue it may take couple of hours before Protomont Technologies team start processing the order. Customers can reach Protomont Technologies if he / she wishes to cancel the order. Protomont Technologies holds the right of refusal of such cancellation requests. Protomont Technologies holds the right to deduct cancellation charges as deemed necessary by Protomont Technologies. All decisions made by Protomont Technologies shall be final and binding on the customer.

Protomont Technologies also offers 3D Products of customized designs. i.e., If a customer has a design which he intends to get printed, he / she can approach Protomont Technologies, get the design ascertained for print-ability, do the necessary changes and then get the product printed. For such products, Protomont Technologies does not offer any return / refund policy under any circumstances. As customer has worked closely with the Protomont Technologies team to do the necessary enhancements to the design, it is understood that the customer is aware of the end product he can expect.

For customized products Protomont Technologies team shall contact the customer with the final design and seeks customer confirmation for 3D printing the same. Once customer reaffirms the order, order can’t be canceled under any circumstances.

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