What’s 5D Printing? Or are you familiar with the term “5 axis Printing” ?

It’s basically using more axes instead of adding more dimensions to the print. Usually, 3D Printers use Three Linear Axis that is; X, Y and Z. But here in 5D Printing , the printers are allowed to rotate on the X and Y axis so we can print Curved Layers gives the user 5 Degrees of Freedom to print more complicated structures easily with less support. Using less materials saves the cost required for printing. The Rotation of Printhead is moving in five different angles as in sync with the surface on which the object is printed.

This 5 Degrees of Freedom can bring extraordinary changes in printing technology
Advantages of 5D Printing:
● 5D Printing helps prevent the creation of weak points , helps to create strong structure, some tests proved that 5D printed Structures were 3 to 5 times stronger than 3D Printed Structures.
● It takes less support, the ability to rotate the printhead, on the X and Y Axis , and
removes the use of more support required for printing. Which helps to create complex
● By not using more support and not dependable on flat layers , it’s possible to make
smoother and high quality structures with less requirement of post processing
● Printing with a variety of angles reduces the requirement of support as said above which automatically saves the use of more materials.
● In 5D Printing creating Hollow Structures are an advantage too because the are time
and cost effective.
These were some Advantages of 5D Printing

Uses of 5 Axes Printing :
● It helps in the Medical Field , provides potential for fabrication of Bone Surgery, because human bones are not flat they are curved , so artificial bones are created with the help of 5 Axes Printing. Also in Orthopedics , 5D helps create stronger caps compared to 3D which handles pressure four times more. ‘
● In Automobile industry, Mitsubishi uses this technology to create string parts for their Motorcycles.
● 5 Axis Printing is also applied in Construction , to make strong parts which helps to
create a strong Infrastructure.
● Uses of 5 Axes Printing were also implemented in fields like Biomedical, Smart
Structures, and Personal equipment in Covid-19 Pandemic.

This concludes that 5D Printing is an Innovation in the world of Printing, which saves time and resources and helps a user to get more complex and curved structures