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DLP 3D printer has a high resolution, fast print speeds, and can produce highly detailed objects with intricate designs.
The benefits of using a cheap resin 3D printer include the capacity to produce extremely accurate and detailed models, and the capacity to print in a range of colors at an affordable price.
Protomont Technologies is one of the known players for 3D printers in India, providing unmatched quality and prices that are not heavy on the pockets.
DLP 3D printers typically use liquid resin materials, which can range from standard resins to specialty materials such as flexible and castable resins.
Not every kind of resin is compatible with every resin 3D printer. It’s crucial to select a resin that was created especially for the printer you have.
Resin 3D printer mostly requires liquid resin materials, which can come in a wide range of colors, textures, and properties.