It’s astonishing to see AI is becoming an essential need in today’s world and leading technologies that help to create many things. You must be aware now that AI is also used in 3D Printing. 3D Printing is now a growing industry and taking over old ways to create something and gives an amazing product quickly. Now 3D Printing has shaken hands with Extraordinary Technology which is Artificial Intelligence. The Future of Manufacturing is Wide and Bright. How does the Combination of Technologies work?

Let us First Understand what AI is.

Artificial Intelligence: Artificial Intelligence is an intelligence portrayed by Machines. In easy words, we can say that a Machine has its own Intelligence that perceives its surroundings and gives its response accordingly. They have the ability to learn on their own and perform advanced tasks like Humans.

3D Printing: 3D Printing is a process of Printing 3 Dimensional products with help of Machines and allows a user to get a product in less time with more options and variety in designs Now in 3D Printing, AI helps the process for its efficiency with the help of AI in 3D Software. To Print your 3D Product, you need to Design your Model on CAD Software. AI makes it easy for users to print their Desired Product. Such a Combination of Technologies can benefit us and we get the freedom to print many things. Autodesk Dreamcatcher allows us to work on reproductive designs. Hundreds of Designs can be produced in less than an hour with help of this tool. 3D Printing Artificial Intelligence tools are developing new-new things daily. Also with help of that now a user can Detect Defects too within 3D models. Such uses of AI are a great solution for 3D printing. AI has a specialty to spot errors and improve the printing of 3D models.

Future of Manufacturing: AI Technology definitely integrates in 3D printing and surely changes the future of Manufacturing. AI and 3D Printing have an exclusive Future together and it would make a Time-saving Revolution. There would be more time for the industry to focus on other things and efficiency and decrease the number of problems.

Industrial Benefits of 3D Printing: The production gives many benefits in 3D Printing compared to the traditional methods:

  1. You have freedom for Design while in traditional methods there are some restrictions. You can make a complex designs with more details.
  1. While manufacturing you can quickly get the Final product. In 3D printing you can create parts in less time, allowing you for each design modification at a more efficient rate.
  1. You can Print on Demand, unlike traditional methods we have to keep the product in stock, now in 3D Printing, you can print anything at any time as the design is saved in a computer device and which takes less space.
  1. The Products are Lightweight and Strong, as the materials used for printing are Plant Based on Photopolymer Resin, which makes the product strong and light in weight
  1. The design and production speed is the fastest. 3D Printers can print objects in hours, not only the product but also the design created in STL or CAD are made quickly.
  1. The production of parts only requires the materials for itself, less wastage compared to traditional methods which use non-recyclable items.
  1. It is Cost-Effective, as 3D printing saves time but also saves costs linked with different machines for manufacturing. 3D printers are now with AI so there is no need for operators to be present all time.

As discussed above, it uses the required materials. Such Industrial Benefits of 3D Printing can help Industries to grow their company. So, it’s concluded that AI and 3D Printing are the Future of Manufacturing and will see amazing wonders in the future.